The Science of Safety

Usability Mapping is usability engineering for documentation.

Based on three decades of research and used by leading organizations world-wide, Usability Mapping makes end-user documentation safer and more usable by applying the science of human cognitive behaviour to documentation.

If you are at all concerned about keeping people safe, minimizing support calls or making sure end users get the most from your product, you need to engineer usability into your documentation.


In the battle between the laws of nature and human opinion, nature always wins


How it works


The Problem

Old-school technical writing produces documents that are well written, accurate and concise. Unfortunately, they don’t take human nature into account.

The laws of nature govern how we find, consume and use information. If we don’t take those laws into account, even the best documents will expose users to unnecessary danger—especially when they’re under stress.


The Solution

We can reduce human performance errors by embedding the principles of human cognitive behaviour in written documentation. Principles like navigation patterns, whole brain communication, user stress limits and behavior reinforcement. Techniques that make information easy to find, understand and use.

The result is Usability Mapping—a document engineering methodology that measurably reduces comprehension and performance errors.


The Benefits

Usability Mapping measurably reduces human performance errors—especially in stressful situations. That means fewer errors, fewer accidents and—in some industries—fewer fatalities.

With Usability Mapping, information is easier to find, understand and use. And to top it off, Usability Mapping is faster and cheaper than traditional technical writing.

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31 years of corporate workshops

8,700+ professionals trained

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How we can help

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Create awareness and learn how to do your own Usability Mapping with one of our highly-rated awareness presentations or training programs. We also have special training programs to help your operators rapidly capture procedure steps without having to write documentation themselves.

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Document Engineering

Use our team of trained and experienced document engineers to rapidly create safer, more usable documentation. Start from scratch or from existing policies, standards, procedures, processes or guides. Faster and more effective than traditional technical writing.

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Plug UMAP IT into Microsoft Word to do all the complex formatting for you. We’ll take care of making it match your corporate style so you can focus on creating safer, more usable documentation.


Join the club—make the world a safer place to work

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You’re in good company


We are a proud founding member of the World Usability Congress and a UXQCC (User Experience Quality Certification Center) certified provider. 


Over the years we’ve been honoured to work with some of the smallest and largest companies in the world. Join the club - you’ll be in good company.