What is UMAP IT?

UMAP IT is a plugin for Microsoft Word. The plugin makes it easy for users to create and maintain Usability Mapping-compliant documents.

For the technically-minded, UMAP IT is developed in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).


How is it sold?

UMAP IT can be purchased as individual or corporate licenses. You can pay monthly or annually using a credit card or corporate Purchase Order (PO).

Each license is for a named user (identified by their email address). If you need to transfer a license from one user to another, let us know and we will happily do it for you.

Pricing is available here and there are discounts for bulk purchases. Enterprise licenses are also available.


How is UMAP IT installed?

When you purchase a UMAP IT license, the end user is provided with a Microsoft Windows executable file and a License Key.

The executable file will install the software. During the installation process you will be asked to enter the License Key. Without a valid license key, the software will not work.

Some corporate environments require that UMAP IT be managed by the IT department. In this case we will work with your IT department to package and sign the installation software so it can be distributed internally.


How are licenses managed?

Every time a user starts up Word, the UMAP IT plugin will check if the license key is valid with a license server hosted in the cloud. Users do not always be connected to the Internet - UMAP IT will continue to function for up to 30 days before a license has to be validated.


Are there prerequisites for purchasing UMAP IT?

UMAP IT will only be supplied to users who have completed our 2-day Usability Mapping training workshop (charged separately).

We also require that users have at least intermediate level Microsoft Word skills.


Are there ongoing costs or requirements?

There are no ongoing costs or additional requirements outside of the license fees.


How is the software supported?

During the Usability Mapping training we show users how to identify whether a problem is with the user’s own skills, Microsoft Word or UMAP IT. Where there are issues with UMAP IT, we provide email support (support@usabilitymapping.com).

In practice, we find that most problems are with users’ understanding of how to use Microsoft Word appropriately. We’re in the process of putting together recommended training on Word and will update this page as soon as it’s available.


How often is UMAP IT updated?

UMAP IT is updated every quarter. Users can choose to update to the latest version or continue working with the current version.

In some corporate environments, we are asked to disable the update functionality by the IT department. In that case we work with the IT department to provide local updates as required.


How can we adapt UMAP IT to meet our in-house style guidelines?

When you purchase a corporate license we will work with you to create the templates that exactly match your in-house style guidelines.

If you purchase an individual license we will show you how to update the built-in templates for your own needs.