What is this about?

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Superuser training is designed to get you to full Usability Mapping competence by working in your offices, on your organisation’s documents with a certified Usability Mapping Trainer helping you every step of the way.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to engineer usability compliant user documents using MS Word with UMAP IT. This learning experience in on-site with a CAT-I certified Usability Mapping Coach. During these four days of coaching you are producing documents for your company. In short, you are at work in your office while being supported by a UMAP Coach.

What do I get? 

You will acquire skills mastery in word processing with MS Word and the add-on UMAP IT. You will complete several documents for your company for final review, or release.

You will be certified and get a framed certificate for Usability Master and Auditor (as approved by the World Usability Congress and the UXQCC).

How will I learn? 

One-on one coaching augmented with group discussions an information exchange about the learning progress with your peers.

What should I bring?

Bring your own source material you intend to usability map.
Note: Do not try to map documents for other people unless you have a 100% familiarity with the purpose and the content. We are not training you to become a contract writer for others.

Also bring:

  • a love for life;

  • a willingness to learn; and

  • a big smile!

When and where can I attend, and what does it cost?

Booked by appointment only. A minimum of 6 qualified candidates is required.

Contact us for more details.