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Conflict Management & Negotiation Strategies

What is this about?

We all have to deal with conflict every day – in our personal as well as our professional lives. But few of us are actually taught how to manage conflict in a constructive way, and as a result we waste time, energy and emotions without being able to move forward.

How does this workshop help?

Our 1-day Conflict Management & Negotiation Strategies workshop will teach you the fundamentals of why conflicts occur, how we need to manage our own emotions so that we can manage conflicts in a constructive way, and the fundamental negotiation strategies we can use to resolve conflict and move forward.

By experiencing and learning the fundamentals and tools you will be able to recognize potential conflict earlier; better manage your own emotions; manage conflicts so that they do not get out of hand and negotiate effective solutions.

This workshop is aimed at professional environments but the learnings are equally applicable in personal settings.